A User's Manual
For Your Ex-Husband's New Wife
by Josie Garrett

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Josie Garrett’s second “Divorce Book” The Your Problem Now Club
featured an extremely funny but slightly mean-spirited essay called “Your New Husband: A User’s Manual” which Josie wrote (tongue-in-cheek) for her ex-husband’s new wife.

Readers loved the sarcasm of this essay and many encouraged Josie to publish a companion “Write-It-Yourself Workbook” so that other divorced women could have the same cathartic release of giving hard-earned “advice” to the new wife of their ex-husband. 
A User's Manual also contains two essays reprinted from the book The Your Problem Now Club: "Welcome to the Your Problem Now Club" and "Your New Husband: A User's Manual".
A User's Manual
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Read a Sample Chapter - "Your New Husband: A User's Manual"
Sample Chapter
"Your New Husband:
A User's Manual"
_Congratulations on your recent marriage! We are aware that your new husband has changed his ways for the better and is now a perfect man. We would all like to commend your bravery for taking him in marriage despite all those vicious rumors. We are sure that the two of you will have many exciting and loving years together.
___As a wedding gift and an offering of peace, your new husband’s first wife has agreed to provide you with this personally written User’s Manual that will help guide you through the many difficult, but wonderful years ahead.