How NOT to Annoy Me

I am now over 50. When you are over 50 you are allowed to speak your mind and/or be a crotchety bitch. So here, not in order of importance, are ways not to annoy me...


When you are bagging my groceries, please do not place a carton of ice cream on top of my hot rotisserie chicken. Ice cream is one of the things that I like hard. Also, I do not care for warm chicken Ala` Mode.


If you are taking my order at a fast food place, please do not get distracted by the cute blonde that just walked in or the antics of your co-workers. Trust me, you will need every brain cell that you have to translate what comes out of my mouth into a lunch that somewhat resembles what I ordered. Plus, I will probably have coupons that you will have to deal with.


Please put your car’s turn signal on before you are actually turning. A turn signal is supposed to signal that you will be turning, not that you already have.