Cat Lady presents
"The Struggle is Real"

I got my first cat when I was three and I promptly tried to bathe her in the toilet. I thought that when I flushed the toilet it would rinse her off but when I started to see her swirl down the toilet bowl I panicked and climbed in to save her. Only my foot getting stuck in the toilet saved her from being flushed into the sewers. I remember both of us getting baths and both of us being swathed in big thick terry cloth towels while we waited for my dad to get home from work. He thought the whole event hilarious. My mother less so.

I've had eleven cats in my life: 2 calicos, 2 gray and whites, 1 orange tabby, I "green" tabby and 5 black. There have been very few years in my life when I did not have a cat and that's because almost all of my cats have been fabulously easy to live with and I loved them. But now, I am a middle-aged woman that no longer has young children to dote on so I dote on my last two babies: A gray and white male that is in his first incarnation as a cat and is fairly stupid unless we consider his skills in eating and a black female that is brilliant and majestic and is in her last incarnation as a cat and will most certainly be human the next time around.

My Metformin addled brain has supervised a type of nurturing that has produced the two most neurotic, competitive animals the world has ever seen. This is their ongoing struggle...