The Your Problem Now Club

Josie Garrett presents 26 laugh-out-loud essays regarding her divorce, dating men that other women have ALREADY divorced, dodging desperate marriage proposals and eventually deciding to become celibate (for now). Her essays range from her nostalgic meeting with a past lover to the riotously funny but slightly mean-spirited owner's manual that she writes for her ex-husband's new wife. So whether you are divorced, thinking of getting a divorce or just know someone who is divorced, you are sure to find Josie's experiences with the break-up of her marriage, single parenthood and midlife dating hilariously refreshing as she is NOT sorry that she is divorced.

Chicago Boomer

Josie Garret's hilarious collection of essays about her experiences growing up in a Polish-Catholic family on Chicago's southwest side will thoroughly explain why native Chicagoans take a protective step back when it's learned that Josie is a "Brighton Park Girl." From the circumstances of her conception all the way through public school and her career in professional theatre, Josie takes you on a no holds barred ride through a childhood and young adulthood spent in a neighborhood that left its children tough and resilient. Josie's tales are rich with the absurd recollections of a time when Baby Boomers ruled the Earth and kids were expected to play outside until the streetlights came on.

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